Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shirtless ones


Busy Busy

Sorry for the delay this has been an incredibly busy week. June is Pride month and since I work in HIV Prevention we get to work at all the Prides this month. New Mexico is having 4 this year. Gallup, NM had their first ever Pride last week. Albuquerque was today and Santa Fe and Las Cruses are in two weeks. Luckily I only have to work the Santa Fe one.

Anyway no complaints it is great fun. Here are some puzzles though :)

AceDecarlo1MA25039999-0059 - online jigsaw puzzle - 35 piecesBALLS129138MA25032331-0054 - online jigsaw puzzle - 130 piecesimage004MA24957242-0003 - online jigsaw puzzle - 35 piecesKISS128349MA24961728-0069 - online jigsaw puzzle - 120 pieces


Dark eyed cutie