Saturday, April 18, 2009



  1. Oh, my, yes, SR. When Chaos gave us this lushly conserved dollop of penispith, almost a confit of cockhead in its lubricious frame, I daresay we were all right there, even with lobster napkins tucked under our chin. But, my lord, when he bared his feastly slipslot to our famished disbelief, you could hear jaws dropping on the chair edge like knives and forks upon the floor in the banqueting hall, as males leapt, left and right, into the great tureen of godhole for its lavish warmth and lusciousness. I well recall, in fact, yielding right of way to you, and admiring your reflexes!

  2. the last pic are great like the nice ass and dick shots , now he need me to slide my dick in and make him feel really good