Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nice Dicks


  1. Incredible nipples; extraordinary cock. Thank you for Cisco Drying...

  2. The untumescent first dick places us generously in time, and grants the time to gather recollection of all one’s beloved dicks, extracted or merely observed in the past, and retrace each licking glance ever bestowed upon their lusciousness. It’s the soccer ball, I think, which takes us back to those original settings, so that the penisretrospective suggested in the ample, easy dick acquires a natural starting point; and there they are again, summoned from the vault of grateful memory to unfurl their cherished dollops to our abiding, aching thirst. But of course it’s true, that Cisco’s beautifully evolved nipples only underscore our perception of dick’s inherent nourishment. Compliments, therefore, on the range of dicks presented, for further recalling our experience over time.

  3. Who is that first perfect specimen?

    Alan down in Florida