Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cole Portman


  1. It's one thing, to portray fondness for dick, and quite another to portray fondness for the pleasure of dick. This is beautiful service to dick, and the wonderfully persuasive balls it rides in on. What a triumphal day for our opinion of dick!

  2. That goddamn Fleshlight should've been ME.

  3. Orthodox Easter celebrantApril 19, 2009 at 4:03 AM

    Oh, I completely agree, Anon -- it should have been you, rather than the tormenting slidemold we find him resorting to, for lack of your considerate, and so much more considerable attentions. Still, might you have welcomed this preview, or some phase of it, of the horn’s undoubted courtesies, and of the treasurability of its various facets in their bestowal? Think, for example, of the chance to study the pithly cone’s immersion, and its gainly swell within the suctioning soothespace; or of its precious curtain’s comforting reclamation of this capital, on each withdrawing glide through this cauldron’s gathering heat, only to repeat its plunge in amplified relief? Eight or nine iterations of this demonstration before restoring the frazzled horn to your capable lap, might have consolidated your conviction of furnishing superior consolation.