Friday, March 27, 2009

Adam and Andy


  1. It really leaves me at a loss to understand or sympathize with this "Andy & Andy" scenario with some bitter old woman whose abusiveness is utterly without motivation or even a trace of sensibility. What gives? Are we fellow gay men somehow supposed to empathize with casting our pearls of concern before pigs without a trace of appreciation? Is our gay sensibility somehow supposed to be squandered for a bitter hag who seems to thrive on negativity? Why? really, why is this deemed some sort of worthwhile concern, especially when there are so many really needy causes we gay folks could more fruitfully pursue to better humanity and our own community? What's the point? Could it be that our projects to help others are so pointless that we might as well waste them on individuals who are recalcitrant? Are our gay folks so at a loss for worthy causes that we need to "busy" ourselves with pointless nihilism? What a sad statement about our own worth this sends out to those who might see this pathetic little cartoon! You could do so much better with the cyber space entrusted to you, really!

  2. Wow seems people either love or hate Adam and Andy. I love it and I have been reading it for years. The relationship that the boys have with their bitter neighbor goes back years and is much deeper than the current story line might suggest. Part of what I like about Adam and Andy is the realness I find there, people do care about those who others might find distasteful gay or straight.

  3. Geez!

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar! Does there have to be subliminal meaning in everything? Does there have to be human value in each aspect of entertainment that anyone, straight or gay, takes part in?

    IT'S A CARTOON! It's not pretending to be anything but that. If you need something more cerebral, pithy, or benevolent, look elsewhere.

    What's the point of Peanuts & Charlie Brown? What's the point of Laurel & Hardy, or the Three Stooges? WHEN ALBERT EINSTEIN SHOT LOADS, DO YOU THINK HE ACTUALLY EXPRESSED THEM WITH ULTIMATE EXPRESSIONS OF WORTH OR CONCERN?

    Please "brainorama", this is an open forum. If it doesn't serve your purpose, then perhaps you're at the wrong place.