Friday, October 31, 2008



My car is finally fixed, I am gong to pick it up this afternoon. I am going to be so grateful. The rental used up almost twice the normal amount of gas I normally use. I have no idea how people can drive around in the big old trucks like that all the time. I can see someone who uses a truck in day to day life but just to have as a status symbol or a macho thing, I just don't understand. Same thing for the SUVs driven by families with one kid, it seems like such a waste, my sister has 5 kids that I can understand. Ahh well, welcome to America. *laughing*
Halloween is today. I know it is supposed to be the big gay holiday but I have never really been all that caught up in it. I guess I have always been to self-conscious to really go out in the costuming that seems to make for a spectacular Halloween. Plus the last few years I haven't been in the celebrating mood. This year I asked for the day off, I was wanting to go out and do something, had some money saved for the day and was hoping to at lest go out. Now of course the stupid gas guzzler sucked up so much money... I hate that truck and will be so glad when it is gone. Anyway here are some more Hallo-weenies for you guys.