Saturday, June 7, 2008

Stupid Slasher Movie

Whatever bit of moronic thought that made me think it was okay to watch a slasher movie while alone at work in a dark huge scary building at night I will never know. I am not a fan at all of horror movies, I never have been. When I was little Superman III gave me nightmares for weeks. The lady turning into a cyborg freaked me out. The only reason I am watching one now is because it is a gay film. In The Blood is the film and is a cheesy film about a guy who's sister maybe killed and finding the killer is linked to the brother's burgeoning awareness of his homosexuality. I like gay films most of them are usually crap (Ben and Arthur) but still I enjoy them. Even though gay films generally fall into four general categories. There are the films about drag queen, hustlers, coming out or AIDS. Even the horror film I am watching is a coming out film.
I am so ready for the weekend, to bad today is my Thursday. I have one more day left. Next week is only three days of work. That will be nice though Pride will be busy. It will be good to see humans again. I am spending WAY to much time alone even for me. Sad to say most of my human contact is through the Internet, while that is fine for a little but nothing beats having real life contact. And yes all that is saying I am lonely. I miss the weekly card games, going to movie with friends, all that.

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