Friday, October 24, 2008


Well the car is in the shop being fixed. Hopefully it will be done sometime next week. I do have a rental car that I am driving. On Monday I called and dealt with the insurance company. AIG, I was all great, the couple who hit me would have the insurance that was all over the news for money problems. Anyway after some horrible customer service they arranged for a rental car, a compact. I was all uh no I am 6'3" I need a car I can actually get my legs into and be able to drive the car. After a bit of complaining they upgraded me to a slightly larger car. The rental place then out of courtesy upgraded me further to a Ford Edge which the seatbelts didn't work, so they gave me a huge Chevy Silverado. So I went from a nice Camry that was hit by a huge truck to driving a huge truck. I have to say not a big fan, it is major gas guzzler. Not a big fan of that fact. I am not driving around all that much. Plus the fact that I am so not used to driving such a big vehicle makes things tricky.

Basically in a state of wait. I do have another job interview in Albuquerque. By the time I post this I will have been on it and hopefully it will have gone well. It is for another state job but in Albuquerque, in the Family Services Department, welfare, food stamps etc. I don't know how good I would be but it would be nice to have a daytime job.

I did vote the other day. I registered for absentee voting so they mailed the ballot and filled it out and mailed it back in. I am glad I did that, already there are news stories about the long lines and how busy the early polling locations are right now, that is nothing compared to what election day will be like. Anyway vote, it is important, specially this election. *grin* If McCain wins might have to go and look into moving to Canada or something.


  1. Hope the interview went well today, John.
    john in pa

  2. Hope all went well and: Don't emigrate, in Canada there might be men, who are 6'7, have 12-inch cocks, who are all hairy and probably want to have sex 3 times a day - you don't want that, do you? *ggg*

    If you should decide to emigrate to Germany...*spread-legs*... you're welcome :-)

  3. I only took two years of high school German and I don't remeber any of it!

  4. Okay, first lesson:

    "Zieh' dich schon mal aus und leg' dich auf's Bett. Ich bin gleich bei dir!"

    "Take your clothes off and lay on the bed, I'll be with you in a minute" -

    Very important sentence to learn :-)

  5. I never learned that is school

  6. Don't move to Canada if you're getting away from your government. We just had an election with the lowest voter turn out as nobody wants/trusts the parties. Quebec has a party that only runs in Quebec which leads to no strong single opposition in the country. Harper is our version of Bush.

    Will have to see if my partner knows that German phrase.

  7. You have such hot guys in Canada though