Friday, August 1, 2008

Man Play

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  1. The portrait of the reddishly bearded suck of the pale penis on axis sets a fine tone of verisimilitude for these sometimes archly staged gatherings. We have full confidence in the suck of this penis, as we do in "Jungle Boy's" treasurings of cock from an early posting at the "boystation" site. But even in the stagings, such as the truck fuck and the fucks on 2 couches, we recall how our play is nicely stimulated by colleagues in fuck -- if the sitfucks on the couches feel like dutiful book-ends, the narrative of excavating the upraised ass at the center is rich with fucktruth. But then we come back to the "redbeard" suck where we began, and recall that we owe it all to luscious cock. A fine set for Friday!