Friday, July 18, 2008



  1. I'm not a big fan of outdoor sex--as I said before--I'm getting older now. I'm not in to hot, humid climates--I think I'd hate the jungle. I hate bugs and unknown things crawling up my legs, biting my balls or skimming my ass. I'd much prefer a piss soaked men's room or a sleazy motel room... Anything but outdoors. (Even the beach gets to be a pain.)

    But dayommm! I wouldn't mind it at all with the last guy.


  2. Strictly from the point of view of the motorist at these boring 4-way stops in San Francisco, I can attest to how consoling the narrative of cock can be, as we inch forward in rotation of the right-of-way, promising that we will have our turn. The dome of grace, the arc of goodness have seen us through many a yawn at such times.