Saturday, June 7, 2008

Stupid Slasher Movie

Whatever bit of moronic thought that made me think it was okay to watch a slasher movie while alone at work in a dark huge scary building at night I will never know. I am not a fan at all of horror movies, I never have been. When I was little Superman III gave me nightmares for weeks. The lady turning into a cyborg freaked me out. The only reason I am watching one now is because it is a gay film. In The Blood is the film and is a cheesy film about a guy who's sister maybe killed and finding the killer is linked to the brother's burgeoning awareness of his homosexuality. I like gay films most of them are usually crap (Ben and Arthur) but still I enjoy them. Even though gay films generally fall into four general categories. There are the films about drag queen, hustlers, coming out or AIDS. Even the horror film I am watching is a coming out film.
I am so ready for the weekend, to bad today is my Thursday. I have one more day left. Next week is only three days of work. That will be nice though Pride will be busy. It will be good to see humans again. I am spending WAY to much time alone even for me. Sad to say most of my human contact is through the Internet, while that is fine for a little but nothing beats having real life contact. And yes all that is saying I am lonely. I miss the weekly card games, going to movie with friends, all that.


  1. Personally, I get creeped out very easily, gay-themed movie or no.

    In general, I agree with you about the quality of gay movies. But let me ask you: if those four categories encompass all gay films, where would you put romantic comedies like Broken Hearts Club or Adam & Steve? A character does come out in BHC, but it's a secondary plotline.

    I'm having a great deal of fun with the recent pics, btw. Thanks!

  2. It is a general thing but both of them would be coming out. Adam and Steve is all about his coming out and totally gross first time and the aftermath of that. Coming to deal with themselves. blah blah blah Of course not all movies fit in the four but generally they do.

  3. Some gay movies that are not about coming out, drag queens, hustlers, or AIDS:

    All Over the Guy
    Bedrooms and Hallways
    Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss
    Broken Hearts Club
    Chuck and Buck
    Coffee Date
    Happy, Texas
    Just One Time
    Lie Down with Dogs
    The Object of My Affection
    The Opposite of Sex
    Rites of Passage
    The Ritz
    The Substance of Fire
    The Sum of Us
    Twilight of the Golds
    WTC View

  4. I guess I really don't get affected by slasher films. Hell, some of the hottest guys on film have been in some slasher movies, although they usually end up "dead" - oh well.
    I think the scariest film that really affected me - and this is rather silly - is the first "Blair Witch" movie - LOL!

    As for human contact, I could use some of that right now as well. Been too busy with work to truly enjoy it. And then I end up spending time with you fine folks! lol

  5. Of course there are exceptions but you have to admit most gay movies do fall into those four catagories.

    I have never seen the Blair Witch, doubt I ever will. *grin*

  6. Thanks Anonymous for the list! Some of these I haven't heard of; I'll have to check them out. (So tired of the usual sap they put out in movies--both straight and gay...)

    Also, don't forget:

    Gods and Monsters

    Trembling Before God (documentory)

    Forgiving the Franklins (brand new)

  7. duh--that was me, up above...


  8. There are lots of gay movies, I have almost 300.