Friday, May 9, 2008


Oh my heavens, this work environment seems to get more and more toxic every day. One of my co-workers sent out an email telling people about a community event happening this weekend. (Comics) and this started a huge mess. First he was told that was not appropriate to send out and not to do it again, even though others do send out stuff like this all the time. Then he was called in to be reprimanded by the higher ups and then again by other higher ups who wanted him to not only be written up but more than that to happen. So apparently all day long there were meetings about this and what to do. One good thing about graveyard I miss all this crap. Also they won’t let me take off my birthday even though it would be unpaid. So here I am midnight at work happy birthday to me. I can only take leave if I have accumulated sick or annual leave unless a documented emergency. I have never seen such toxic management before. Only fuels my desire to be out of here as soon as possible. That and the aches my body is giving me. All I do is sleep and work and I still feel exhausted.

I don’t mean to complain so much, I am grateful I have a job, I really am. With the way the country is now I am lucky to have the job I do and the pay I am getting. I know that and I light a candle in gratitude still. I am just too tired to think straight and that was hard enough to do before being gay and all. Hahaha oh lordy I am so tired I am getting all punny, not a good sign.


  1. H.B.T.Y

    From one John to another,
    a sincere Happy Birthday!

  2. I join JSB.



  3. John:
    A happy (belated) birthday.
    As far as the graveyard shift--I know exactly what you mean. I have a horrible time when I have to work that shift. May I recommend a couple of things? The first, make sure you wind down after work, don't go right to bed. That may be hard until you get into the routine. The other is, and I don't know how hard this may be for you: stop all caffeine. This will allow you to have more natural sleep when you are sleeping during the day. It sucks, and if you consume a fair amount, you will get horrible headaches while withdrawing. Make sure you darken your bedroom & I hope you get some good rest. Better times will come!


  4. Thanks Guys *grin*

    Luckily I don't drink anything really with caffine, just the occasional coke. Normally just drink water.

  5. Good advice from Dean. It show that you are not the only one dealing with this type of work situation. I say hang in there & learn from the experience. Also, perhaps the time you spend creating this blog could be better spent looking for a better & happier work environment.

  6. I only spend about 30 minutes a day on this and it is relaxing to do gives me a bit of stress free time