Friday, January 18, 2008


Dang it! Because of the craziness and stuff going on with the Session I have to change my work hours for the next month. I normally work from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm with a half hour lunch. I love these hours I get off early enough to feel like I have an afternoon free and so forth. The last few days though every time I leave at four the program staff has suddenly had a major crisis. EVERY SINGLE DAY! My printer won’t work, my speaker doesn’t work, I can’t get to this website, all this stupid stuff that really isn’t such a crisis but they raise such a fuss because it has to be working right now, no it can’t wait till I get in, in the morning. So now I work from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. I know it is silly to be frustrated but why do they all wait till after I am gone to have all the emergencies? Murphy’s Law I guess. I can’t believe so many well educated people are so stupid about computers. If the speakers aren’t working CHECK THE MUTE!

Ok I have vented and gotten that off my chest. I am so ready for a nice long weekend. The IT staff gets Human Rights Day off at least. Program has to work through the holiday because the Legislature is working through it as well. Watch something will happen like the server goes down or all their keyboards start oozing green goo on that day. MY boss is working that day as well hopefully things will run smoothly for her. I am just going to relax.

Totally random and odd side note my eye is still burning from this morning. I was jacking off for the second time this morning, I normally do it once or twice before I shower every morning, depends on how early I wake up, and I wasn’t paying attention and shot cum right into my eye. Normally I use a cum rag and just shoot it into that because I shoot like crazy. That is the one thing I really find hot about myself. I shoot far normally past my head and usually get six to seven shoots off of various distances. This of course makes a huge mess so when alone I use the rag. This time I didn’t have the rag in place for the shoot and splat, right in the eye. I am glad I didn’t have my contacts in yet that would have been a huge mess. “You ever get cum in your eye Gabriel, HMM? It BURNS!” Coco Peru. Not only did I get cum in my eye the pillow case was a mess as well. Oh well got me to start laundry early. I had to wash the sheets and pillowcases anyway.


  1. when you said you got cum in your eye. I thought of trick the movie as well. Sorry you had a ba day, so to speak. On th epositive note you still have a job that pays the bills. Sorry you do not get the hours you want, but who knows the ymay go backto the way they were.

  2. Yeah I was just frustrated and needed to vent somewhere, which is why started this blog in the first place. I am grateful and I realize that I just didn't want petty frustrations to build up into something stupid.

    You to Flip enjoy the sunny Phx weekend, and all the cowboys! I have friends there this weekend.

  3. Just grin and bear it. As they say hit happens. At this point in time be glad you have a job. From what I'm reading and experiencing, they job market is hell out there, especially in California (where I am!). As they say, "Be a 'man' and take 'it'"!!! Yeah, right!

    As for cum in the eyes, you should wear protective goggles! hehehe!

    Hang in there!


  4. I am very grateful! Like I said I just needed to vent and not do it to co-workers because that is just not fun makes for anegative workplace.

  5. OK now I'm curious enough to want to see a video of you shooting those big loads! You, my friend, should be in porn! lol
    Like Ray said, I was thinking about that movie "Trick" right away. Perverted minds think alike I guess.

    Hope things get ironed out at work, and believe me, I know the feeling about people having problems with computers that are almost ridiculous.

    My best to ya.

  6. Nah no one wants to see my ugly mug naked.

  7. i normally read this via rss feed so only just noticed your beautiful banner shot - erotic and tender

  8. Thanks I change it all the time.